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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) on power transformers

Transformer as a high-voltage equipment can not be separated from the possibility of having an abnormal condition, where the trigger can come from internal or external transformer. These abnormalities will have an impact on the performance of the transformer. In general, the impact / result can be overheating, corona and arcing.

One method to determine the presence or absence of abnormalities of the transformer is to determine the impact of abnormalities of the transformer itself. To determine the impact of abnormalities in the methods used transformer DGA (Dissolved gas analysis).

In the event of abnormalities of the transformer, insulating oil as the hydrocarbon chain will break down due to the amount of energy will shape abnormalities and hydrocarbon gases are soluble in oil insulation itself. DGA is basically a process to calculate levels / values ​​of the hydrocarbon gases are formed due to abnormalities. From the composition of the content / value of the gases that can predict what the effects of abnormalities in the transformer, if overheating, arcing or corona.

Gas gas detected from the test results DGA is H2 (hydrogen), CH4 (Methane), N2 (Nitrogen), O2 (Oxygen), CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbondioksida), C2H4 (Ethylene), C2H6 (Ethane), C2H2 (Acetylene).
Broadly speaking, the gas dissolved gases in transformer insulating oil will be extracted / separated from the insulating oil itself first so that the gas will be described and known levels.
Type of head space gas extractor
After separate between the gas with oil, gas will be described again by type of its gas by using chromatography methods.

Scheme Chromatography
Gas that has broken down will be detected by the detector signal. This was the signal that will be used to determine the amount of gas taking into account the broad levels of each signal of each gas. This test refers to the standard ASTM D 3613
The signal from the gas detected by the detector gas
DGA test equipment - with this type of extractor stripper


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