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Friday, October 21, 2011

Power Transformers Part

Power Transformers Part

1. Refrigerant

The temperature at which the transformer is operating will be influenced by the quality of the network voltage, losses in the transformer itself and the ambient temperature. High operating temperatures will cause damage to the transformer insulation paper. Therefore, effective cooling is needed.

Transformer insulating oil in addition to the isolation medium also serves as a coolant. At the time of the oil circulates, the heat emanating from the entanglement will be brought by the oil circulation on track and will be cooled on the fin - fin radiator. The cooling process can be aided by a fan and circulation pump in order to improve cooling efficiency.
Power Transformers Radiator
2. Oil preservation & expansion (Conservator)

When the operating temperature rise in transformer oil, insulation will expand so that its volume increases. Conversely when the operating temperature decreases, then the oil will shrink and the volume of oil will go down. Conservators used to accommodate the transformer oil at mengalamui temperature rise.
Power Transformers Conservator 

Silica gel
To avoid the transformer oil does not deal directly with outside air, then the current conservator designed using brether bag / rubber bag, which is a kind of rubber balloon that is placed inside the conservator tank.
Construction conservator with rubber bag
3. Dielectric (insulating transformer oil & Insulation paper)
  • Isolation transformer oil
Insulating oil in transformers serve as insulation, cooling and protecting the entanglement of oxidation. Transformer insulating oil is mineral oil which is generally divided into three types, namely paraffinic, and aromatic napthanik. Between the three types of base oils should not be done mixing because it has physical and chemical properties are different.
Isolation Transformer Oil
  • Paper insulation transformer
Isolation papers serve as insulation, giving the distance, and has the mechanical ability.
Copper-coated insulation paper


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