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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Part of the Bushing

Broadly speaking, the bushing can be divided into four main sections namely insulation, conductor, clamp connections, and accessories. Isolation of the bushing consists of two types of oil impregnated paper and resin impregnated paper. In this type of oil impregnated paper insulation used is insulating paper and insulating oil while in the type of resin impregnated paper insulation used is the paper insulation and resins.

Paper insulation on the bushing (oil impregnated paper bushings)

Bushing conductor insulation coated paper
There are other types of conductors on the bushing is a hollow conductor in which there is an iron binding or hole in the middle penegang main conductor, solid and flexible conductor leads.

Is a means of fastening clamp connection between the stud bushing with a conductor Conductor bushing out.
Accessories consist of indications of oil bushings, seals or gaskets and tap testing. Seal or gasket in bushing mounting flange located at the bottom.

Gasket / seal between the flange bushings with transformer body

Bushing oil level indicator


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