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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Section - parts transformer and its function

Iron core
1 Electromagnetic Circuit (iron core)
Iron core is used as a medium course of flux caused by the induction of alternating current to the coil that surrounds the iron core so as to induce a return to the other coil. Formed from the plate - a thin iron plates insulated in such a way that the stacking.

2 Current carying circuit (Winding)
Winding consists of insulated copper rod that surrounds the iron core, which when alternating current flows
in the copper windings, iron core will be induced and cause a magnetic flux.
winding transformer

3. Bushing
Bushing is a means of liaison between the entanglement with outside networks. Bushing consists of a conductor is enclosed by an insulator. Serves as an insulator between the conductor insulation bushing with tank main body of the transformer.
bushing transformer


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